Motors with inverter Alfavert series

ALFAVERT motor, with an inverter board fitted inside the terminal box. This new solution revolutionises the performance of a single-phase motor, in a simple and economic way. Some of its biggest advantages are the reduced dimensions, the high efficiency, low noise and vibration levels and EMC certified integrated filters to eliminate every type of disturbance. Thanks to the inverter board, it is possible to regulate max and min speed, frequency, acceleration and deceleration and output torque/current by specific trimmers; it is possible to set up the firmware, the Modbus comunication and you can also add an internal expansion board for infinite applications. A 4 swiitches DipSwitch allows you to choose berween 16 different available modes of operation. It is also possible to add a switch and/or a potentiometer, directly fixed on the terminal box, or remote. We invite you to read our brochure about the new Alfavert in order to receive more information about the product and discover all its features.

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