Carpanelli Electric Motors

Electric motors customized to customer needs

Established in 1947 by Zeno Carpanelli, Carpanelli Motori Elettrici S.p.A. deals with the design and manufacturing of asynchronous electric motors.

Under the skilled guide of its founder, the company has developed and integrated, over the years, all the phases required for the production of electric motors. The true stronghold that has enabled the expansion and the achievements of the company is the enduring vocation of keeping up to date with technological innovation.

83% of the company’s production consists of special and customized motors, for Italian and foreign customers who require special applications and seek a reliable and 100% made in Italy product.

Technological innovation may be found starting from the technical and engineering department, which is provided with CAD stations and programs for the 3D solid modelling for the engineering design; whereas, concerning the electromagnetic aspect, mathematical CAD programs for the design and simulation of the equivalent electric circuit of the motor are provided. Carpanelli also has got a metrology laboratory, provided with equipments capable of pointing out the dynamic performances of the motor, its pickup, its thermal equilibrium and short circuit characteristics. There are three testing benches that can test powers from 30W to 25kW. Finally, since 1995, a quality control department for material supplied by external suppliers has been established, in order to ensure the quality of the final product.

Recently a new three-dimensional Coordinate Measuring Machine has been bought; a state of the art equipment which allows us to take dimensional dimensions with the maximum precision.

All this has enabled Carpanelli Motori Elettrici S.p.A., that has gained more than 70 years of activity and experience in the sector, to become a specialized company in the design and machining of also totally non-standard products, in order to meet and satisfy each specific requirement of the customer.
From design to construction of asynchronous motors
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