GHA Motors

GHA Motors

GHA Motors

New motor line with silver treatment, patented by Carpanelli Motori Elettrici S.p.A.

This new silver treatment created for aluminium alloy motors, gives the motors antibacterial properties and as such offers a valid alternative to stainless steel motors or indeed other expensive treatments. These motors are perfect for those industries, such as food and pharmacautical, where a clean and aseptic environment is needed.

This treatment gives the motors interesting characterisitcs, such as:

Resistance to corrosive agents, bringing the motors to the same level as stainless steel motors;
Better electrical and thermal conductivity, allowing the motor to dissipate 35% more heat than non-treated aluminium, and 10 times more than stainless steel;
Anti-mould and germicidal properties, making these motors suitable for aseptic environments than stainless steel motors;
High resistance to abrasive wear;
High hardness.

The main advantages of these new motors, compared to stainless steel motors, are:

Germicidal properties against the principal bacteria dangerous to the human organism;
Lower weight, because aluminium weights 1/3 of stainless steel;
Non-magnetic and therefore capable of resisting high voltages;
High thermal conductivity (204 W/m °C) compared to stainless steel (15 W/m °C), almost 15 times more;
Higher motor efficiency, the greater heat dissipation of aluminium keeps the motor cooler and, consequently, the lower instrinc resistance, keeps the motor’s efficiency constant;
Lower price, because we avoid the high costs of stainless steel and its processings.

The main advantages of using these motors instead of stainless steel motors are:

Safety and sterility: silver’s antibacterial properties allow the motors to be used in closed contact with food, preventing mocrobial contamination and somehow “disinfecting” the food; interesting advantage for those companies that have to observe international norms for the hygiene of their products. In addition to that, the materials used in the manufacture of these motors are non-toxic and non-absorbent, so, in any given working environment, they do not release or retain any toxic contamination that they may have been in contact with.
Nickel-free: while stainless steel contains Nickel, antibacterial motors don’t. As it is known, Nickel is dangerous for the human organism; this innovative silver treatment avoids this problem.
Electrical performances: the high thermal conductivuty of this aluminium treated with silver, permits the motor to dissipate 10 times more heat than stainless steel;
the motors will therefore run much cooler. Working at lower temperatures guarantees a longer life of the components, a reduced chance of wear and corrosion of internal components and, in addition to that, they are not
dangerous for operatives that may come into contact with the motor’s surface. Also the electrical efficiency level of the motor takes advantage from the lower temperature.
Mechanical dimensions: the fact that the motor runs cooler and, especially, that it keeps a constant efficiency, it may allow use of a smaller motor size than the stainless steel equivalent for the same power.
Economical advantage: the aluminium alloy motors with silver treatment , besides giving the motor unique features, keeps its price lower that the one of a stainless steel motor, because it avoids the costs of the stainless
steel and its processing.

Surfaces treated with silver are sensitive to too acidic or too basic pH. Therefore, it is suggested to clean the surfaces with neutral or barely aggressive washings, with pH between 4 and 9. In this way, resistance to corrosion and antibacterial properties are guaranteed.

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