Vectorial motors with standard frame


Our vector serve motors are particularly suitable for applications that require high positioning precision and medium/high inertia. 

The combination of the motors and the optional units offers outstanding adaptability in any type of application. 


Here are some applications in which they can be used:

Low speed pumps, stirrers, mixers, volumetric and centrifugal pumps, ventilation, aerators, dispensers, belt transmission, overhead cranes, machine tools with high inertia, positioners, robotics with high inertia, automatic machinery etc. 

General Characteristics

Standard protection rating IP55, on request up to IP66

Insulation in Class F, on request Class H

Execution with flange B14, B5 or B3

Special bearings

Thermal protection of various types, at choice

On request, shaft output to customer design

On request, servo ventilation in direct current or alternated current

On request, resolver or incremental/absolute encoder

On request, with brake in direct current or alternated current

On request, outlet with cable

On request, connector 

Certification: cUL, ATEX, CE

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