Electric Motors Applications

Electric Motors Applications

Electric Motors Applications Carpanelli

The Electric Motor represents the machine par excellence in the industry. Electric motors are the protagonists of our daily life. We find them from household appliances to homes, from offices to industries.

The electric motor still represents the only solution for generating mechanical energy in an infinite number of applications. Each engine requires a different design, interface and speed, based on its function and application.

Custom Electric Motors

Carpanelli Motori Elettrici designs and manufactures tailor-made electric motors with customized and custom-built product lines. Certified motors suitable for infinite applications.

Carpanelli Electric Motors Application Sectors

- Electric Motors for the Food Sector
Motors for the food industry with high hygiene standards, easy cleaning, sturdiness. Engines used from meat processing to ice cream production, from refrigerators to ovens.

- GHA Electric Motors
Line of motors with GHA silver treatment, patented by Carpanelli.

- NEMA electric motors
Motors mechanically studied ad hoc to meet the needs of the US markets.

- Modular Electric Motors
The modular motors allow to add a series of accessories to the standard motor, according to the customer's needs. They represent a practical and quick solution.

- Textile Industry Electric Motors
Motors for textile machines that are precise, reliable, fast and long-lasting.

- Electric Ventilation Motors
Motors to be applied in the air handling and treatment industry. From the ventilation of ovens and dryers, to ventilation on trains, up to industrial or large room ventilation systems.

- Electric motors for the railway industry
360° solutions dedicated to the railway sector to meet the demands of the railway industry.

- Electric Motors for the Zootechnical Sector
Motors designed to ensure total respect for the animal and its environment. Motors for farms, greenhouses, storage facilities, drying agricultural products etc.

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