NEMA electric motors: what are they and what are the advantages?

NEMA electric motors: what are they and what are the advantages?

NEMA electric motors: what are they and what are the advantages?

What is NEMA?

NEMA electric motors meet the regulations and meet all the demands of the US market. NEMA stands for “National Electrical Manufacturers Association”: US association of manufacturers of electrical equipment with the aim of defining common standards. This Washington-based US regulatory body draws up technical regulations and facilitates cooperation between manufacturers and users of electrical equipment.

All major manufacturers of motors and electrical equipment in the USA are members of the NEMA Association.

NEMA motors: what are they?

NEMA Motors are intended for overseas markets, mainly for US markets. NEMA electric motors are three-phase electric motors with different frames and voltages, able to adapt to different needs and multiple applications.

We are talking about reliable and highly efficient motors to achieve maximum energy savings. Quiet motors with low noise, low vibration level and high performance.

NEMA motors applications

NEMA motors - also custom built - can be used in the industrial field and in the most different sectors. They are suitable for example in water systems, air treatment plants or food industries.

NEMA electric motors: the advantages

There are many advantages offered by NEMA Electric Motors in industrial applications.

  • Dynamic design: electric motors that adapt to multiple contexts, versatile use for multiple needs
  • Energy efficiency: high energy saving electric motors
  • Versatility: the motors can be customized
  • Silent: reduced level of vibration and noise
  • Adaptable: compatible with any inverter

Carpanelli NEMA Electric Motors

Carpanelli Motori Elettrici offers NEMA Electric Motors for industrial applications. Motors with special configurations, customized and tailored to your requests.

Contact us to find out more!

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