Vector engines: what are they?

Vector engines: what are they?

Vector engines: what are they? 

Vector Motors are electric motors with excellent dynamic response for various industrial applications.

The vector motor works thanks to the alternating current and the rotation speed, synchronized with the electric frequency.

Vector engines: dynamic, reliable, robust

The main characteristics of vector electric motors are: dynamism, sturdiness, reliability, high thermal insulation, efficiency.

Vector motors have independent ventilation with high insulation thanks to the thermal circuit breaker. These motors are recommended for the industrial sector and for applications where a precise rotation speed is required.

Carpanelli Vector Motors

The Vector Motors made by Carpanelli, are perfect for different industrial applications.

We design and manufacture Square Compact Vector Motors, an excellent solution, robust, powerful and dynamic, and Vector Motors with Housing Standard that adapt to any type of application.

Discover our vector motors and contact us for any information.

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