Electric motors with inverter

Electric motors with inverter

Electric motors with inverter

What is the inverter and what is it for?

An inverter is a mains powered electronic device, also called
VSD, variable speed drive.

The inverter transforms the input voltage and frequency
(single-phase or three-phase AC) into a different one (always three-phase AC), depending onthe needs of the application.

The inverter regulates the speed of the electric motors.
Its use is essential to vary the speed of the electric motors in function of the application.

Thanks to the single-phase inverter it is possible to have the high performance of a motor three-phase, using single-phase current.

Inverter applications

The inverter is used to power electric motors, systems (see the
photovoltaic systems), air conditioners, accumulators, household appliances, imachinery, etc.

The use of inverters integrated with the electric motors guarantees the maximum energy efficiency, together with excellent performance.

Integrated inverter Electric motors Carpanelli

The integrated inverter varies the frequency and amplitude of the power supply voltage of a three-phase asynchronous electric motor. Thanks to a sophisticated control, the inverter is also able to vary the rotation speed of the motor itself.

The Alfavert series Carpanelli electric motors with integrated inverter present the inverter board inserted inside the terminal box cover. This solution allows to revolutionize, in a simple and economical way, the performance of a single-phase motor.

Advantages Inverter Electric motors

  • Reliability
  • More performance
  • Small footprint
  • Speed ??control
  • Optimization of consumption
  • Energy saving
  • Ease of installation
  • Noise reduction
  • Ideal for high workloads

Motor with inverter Alfavert series

Discover all the advantages of Carpanelli Alfavert series motors with inverters. Small size, maximum efficiency, low vibrations and EMC certified filters.

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