Carpanelli Stainless Steel Self-Braking Motors

Carpanelli Stainless Steel Self-Braking Motors

Carpanelli Stainless Steel Self-Braking Motors

Carpanelli Motori Elettrici designs, manufactures and markets stainless steel motors, also in self-braking versions.

Carpanelli stainless steel self-braking motors are a guarantee of resistance, hygiene, precision, stopping speed and maximum safety.

This line of motors has a completely smooth surface with a clean profile, capable of offering compliance with the highest hygiene standards required by the market. Stainless steel self-braking motors can reduce cleaning, repair and maintenance times. They also guarantee maximum safety, even in the event of a power failure or accidental interruption of the motor's power supply.

Carpanelli Self-Braking Motors

Carpanelli self-braking motors are created by the application of an electromagnetic brake on a standard motor. The self-braking motor guarantees precision, speed in stopping and safety, especially in the case of a voluntary interruption of the machine, accidental interruption of the motor power supply or lack of power. Carpanelli electric motors are 100% Made in Italy, made with a controlled process and top quality materials.

Stainless steel self-braking motors

The Carpanelli stainless steel self-braking motors have a tubular casing and are completely closed, without ventilation. The plate data is laser engraved directly on the rear shield, or on the rear terminal block cover, without removing material. The external parts of the engine are all stainless steel, there are no plastic parts.

They are perfect motors for all applications where there are corrosive agents in the environment, or if you are looking for an electric motor that is easy to clean. In fact, the surface of these motors is extremely simple to sanitize and resists the main aggressive agents used in the sanitization of systems and motors. There are no areas that allow the accumulation of dust residues or processing products.

The stainless steel motors are also available in the version with only the cable gland, or with the rear terminal block cover, inside which it is possible to house the terminal block, the brake or a position transducer.

Stainless steel motors: IP69K protection, IE4 premium efficiency

The protection degree of Carpanelli stainless steel motors is IP69K, and the efficiency class is IE4 Premium.

Thanks to careful electrical design, heating is reduced and the surface temperature is contained. Furthermore, these motors are also suitable for use with inverters, as they are made with superior class insulation.

The Carpanelli stainless steel self-braking motors represent a reliable and long-lasting solution: a perfect choice for all those cases where hygiene and safety are fundamental requirements.

Carpanelli customized electric motors

For over 75 years Carpanelli has been designing, manufacturing and selling special and non-standard electric motors. As with all Carpanelli motors, even for stainless steel self-braking motors, it is possible to study and create special electrical and mechanical solutions, so as to satisfy all customer needs.

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