Alfavert series motors for extractors

Alfavert series motors for extractors

Alfavert series motors for extractors

Alfavert series motors for honey extractors are electric motors by Carpanelli Motori Elettrici.

Alfavert motor series for honey extractors Carpanelli

The Alfavert series electric motor for extractors is used to extract honey by centrifugation, without destroying the combs. Centrifugal force is thus exploited, thanks to which honey is extracted from the comb in a simple and precise manner. A customised process designed by Carpanelli according to customer requirements.

Alfavert series motor for honey extractors: how does it work?

In tangential honey extractors, honey is extracted by centrifugal force that pushes the honey towards the outside of the machine. In this case, the centrifugal force is produced by the rotation of a cage containing frames filled with honey, on a central axis.

It is advantageous to have a variable cage rotation speed depending on the load of honey in the frames: the rotation must start very slowly due to the high inertia of the cage full of honey. Then, as the honey empties and the inertia decreases, the rotation speed must increase so that the increased centrifugal force can extract all the honey remaining in the frames. Therefore, to obtain an excellent extraction of honey, the rotation speed must be very high at the end of the cycle.

In many cases, then, it is also useful to repeat this centrifugation cycle in the opposite direction to obtain maximum honey extraction from the frames. Normally, the honey extraction machine has a door at the top that opens halfway through the machine bore and allows the frames to be inserted/extracted into the cage. It is good practice to lock this door when the cage is rotating, following safety regulations.

Alfavert Carpanelli can supply a special version suitable for this type of application. It has an additional electronic card inside, which connects directly to the door locking system, and independently locks the door when the motor is rotating and unlocks it when the motor stops. From the point of view of the work to be performed, the Alfavert has a special firmware programme that can manage the rotation programme, as described above, autonomously.

Alfavert system for extractors: what does it look like?

The Alfavert system for honey extractors consists of:

- Ahighly efficient 0.18Kw three-phase motor (or higher power) that can rotate at up to 3000 rpm to optimise centrifugal force and extract all the honey down to the last drop.

- An inverter (frequency inverter) suitably programmed to give maximum efficiency to the motor and to manage the centrifugal force through the motor's rotation control. And to manage, via an additional integrated electronic board, the door locking system according to safety regulations. The inverter is contained in a metal box attached directly to the motor.

- Theinverter is controlled by a switch that rotates the cage clockwise, or anti-clockwise, and a potentiometer knob that can vary the speed of rotation within certain limits allowed by the safety of the system.

- Two output cables from the inverter box: one for direct supply from the single-phase mains with a German Schuko socket, and a cable to be connected to the door lock system for appropriate control.

- A gearbox (optional) keyed directly to the motor to reduce the motor output speed in relation to the cage speed.

Alfavert unit for Carpanelli honey extractor

This creates a complete assembly comprising gearbox, motor and inverter with potentiometer and switch, and the pair of mains power cables and door block.
As supplied, the unit is extremely easy to mount on the central shaft of the cage by attaching two simple screws, allowing the unit to be fitted to the extractor machine in less than 5 minutes.

The Alfavert unit for honey extractors is available in a single-phase 200-250V /50-60HZ power supply version, or in a 100-120V/50-60Hz version on request (customisation of the mains connection plug can be requested).

Alfavert series motors for extractors are crucial tools in the process of extracting honey from combs. They stand out for their energy efficiency, precision and reliability, and are ideal for the food industry.

Discover all the advantages of Carpanelli's Alfavert series motors!

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