What about Self-braking Electric Motors

What about Self-braking Electric Motors

What about Self-braking Electric Motors

Self-braking Electric Motors are the perfect solution for all applications that require fast braking.
These are electric motors that combine an asynchronous motor and a steel disc brake, all in a single unit. This guarantees a safe braking action.

Motors with fast stop, maximum safety

Shorter stop times, high safety: these are the main features of Self-braking Electric Motors.
Same advantages, with the addition of the brake. Infact it stops the motor in a short time and guarantees extra safety in case of emergency.

Self-braking motors: applications

These highly reliable motors are suitable for many applications, from lifting machinery (such as goods lifts) to handling machinery, from packaging machines to conveyor belts, from machine tools to textiles, from labeling machines to processing machines. Leather or wood. All applications where fast and safe braking is essential.

Self-braking motors Carpanelli Electric motors

Electric Motors Carpanelli a Bolognese company in the Electric Motors sector for 75 years, offers Self-braking Motors with the following technical characteristics:

  • Motors with high stopping speed
  • Reliable engines requiring little maintenance
  • Externally ventilated motors
  • IP55 motor protection
  • IP44 brake protection, IP55 / IP66 / IP67 on request
  • Motor size from MA56 to MA160
  • Possibility of even faster braking, thanks to the fast rectifier

Carpanelli custom electric motors

Carpanelli Electric Motors, upon request, designs and manufactures Electric Motors customized in shape, functionality and performance, totally tailored to your needs.

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