How to choose the right Electric Motor in 5 steps

How to choose the right Electric Motor in 5 steps

How to choose the right Electric Motor in 5 steps

Electric motors are everywhere: we find them in operation in all household appliances, in the buildings where we live or work, in industrial plants.

Electric motors are indispensable for the operation of all "machines" in the world.

Each motor has a different interface and movement speed, based on its function and application, so we have more or less fast electric motors, constant speed motors or speed variation motors etc.


5 steps to choose the right motor for your project

The factors to consider when you choose an engine are:

1. Motor use: asynchronous and synchronous motors
If you need a motor with constant speed regardless of the load, opt for a synchronous motor; if you need a motor for precise positioning, opt for a vector engine; for all other applications, choose an asynchronous motor instead.

2. Electric motor Size
Obviously, according to its size, each application requires a different size electric motor. In all cases, the choice of engine size is mainly determined by the power needed.

3. Electric motor movement and technical specifications
It is necessary to determine the power or torque, the motor speed (rpm) and, consequently, the polarity, voltage and frequency of the power supply.

4. Electric Motor Working environment
There are motors designed to work in particular environmental conditions, such as in the presence of humidity, high temperatures, explosion risk, or exposed to atmospheric events; motors designed to resist corrosion, or special washing, etc. It is important to evaluate the working environment when you choose the motor.

5. Electric Motor Energy efficiency
Energy efficiency is increasingly an indispensable criterion when you choose a motor: an electric motor with low energy impact, in addition to reducing consumption and costs, has a lower environmental impact.
What makes the difference, especially in the industrial sector, are precisely the motors: about 70% of the energy, which is consumed in industry, is absorbed by these devices.
Considering the entire life of the electric motor, from purchase to maintenance, up to the costs of use, it has been estimated that only 5% of the total derives from purchase and maintenance, while the remaining 95% is given by energy consumption. It is therefore important to take this aspect into consideration when choosing to purchase.

It is important to weigh the pros and cons of each engine based on the key characteristics of your project.

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