Electric Motors: New Energy Efficiency Standards

Electric Motors: New Energy Efficiency Standards

Electric Motors: New Energy Efficiency Standards

With a view to increasing energy savings, a new regulation comes into force for the Electric Motors sector.

From 1 July 2023, single-phase electric motors, too, must be energy-efficient motors, IE2 for the time being, and comply with the same standards as three-phase motors.

The motors involved are 2-, 4-, 6- and 8-pole single-phase motors with a power rating from kW 0.12.

Electric motors: energy saving and sustainability

Electric motors account for around 45% of global energy consumption: 8 billion units are used in Europe alone. Already since July 2021, European regulations concerning the eco-design of motors have come into force, starting with the updated Regulation 2019/1781.

Regulation 2019/1781

Regulation 2019/1781 requires electric motors to meet certain mandatory minimum energy efficiency requirements (MEPS). The energy efficiency standards are categorised according to IE (International Energy) classes: they range from IE1, the standard and lowest, up to IE4 (Super Premium efficiency) the highest; IE5 is currently being finalised.

With the update of this regulation, as of July 2021, all three-phase motors with a rated output power between 0.75 kW and 1000 kW must meet at least class IE3, i.e. Premium efficiency. For the first time, variable speed drives (VSD), which are certified for use with the motors covered by the new regulations, must also meet IE2 class.

IE2 high-efficiency single-phase electric motors

Now the second phase of these regulatory changes begins.
According to the new regulations, as of July 2023, single-phase motors with an output power of 0.12 kW or more must also comply with the IE2 class.

Also changing in 2023 will be the product information requirements for motors and drives: it will be mandatory to provide additional information on efficiency levels at different speeds, different loads and torque levels, to allow efficiency to be optimised across entire systems for all processes.

Carpanelli Electric Motors

Carpanelli has been designing and manufacturing customised electric motors for 75 years: the company is always in line with European standards, with a view to greater energy efficiency and maximum sustainability.

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