Carpanelli Electric Motors 75th Anniversary 1947-2022

Carpanelli Electric Motors 75th Anniversary 1947-2022

Carpanelli Electric Motors 75th Anniversary 1947-2022

Carpanelli Motori Elettrici blows out 75 candles.
It was 1947 when Zeno Carpanelli had the intuition to found Carpanelli Motori Elettrici Spa.

Carpanelli Custom Electric Motors

Carpanelli Motori Elettrici in these 75 years has never stopped: the company has strongly evolved and transformed, developing every phase necessary for the design and construction of Asynchronous Electric Motors. Moreover, Carpanelli's vocation is creating special, tailor made, non-standard, customized Electric Motors. Special motors for customers in Italy and abroad, for particular needs and applications: safe, efficient, 100% Made in Italy.

Carpanelli Electric Motors and Technological Innovation

At Carpanelli we find the sign of technological innovation and an eye to the future. In fact, the company has always invested in research and development to combine craftsmanship with the industrial development of engines, in order to offer increasingly complete and advanced solutions.

Future, Custom Motors, Sustainability

The keywords of Carpanelli Motori Elettrici are:

  • Innovation
    A company that is always in step with the times and with technological developments. From automatic warehouses to 3D testing machines, up to test benches. All state-of-the-art tools that allow design, measurement and control with very high precision and quality.

  • Customization
    Carpanelli Motori Elettrici is always at the service of its customers, ready to respond, with experience and professionalism, to any request. From the study of the prototype to the design, up to the construction of the engine and the final test phase. We study, every day, new solutions that can satisfy the needs of every customer and every application.

  • Sustainability
    The production plant respects the environment and the company makes green and sustainable choices every day. Only electricity is used, thanks also to a photovoltaic system, and 95% of waste is recyclable and reusable.

Electric Motors Applications

Carpanelli Motori Elettrici designs and manufactures Motors for infinite applications, for example:

  • GHA Electric Motors
  • NEMA Electric Motors
  • Modular Electric Motors
  • Electric Motors Textile Industry
  • Electric Motors Food Industry
  • Ventilation Electric Motors
  • Railway Industry Electric Motors
  • Livestock Sector Electric Motors

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