Railway sector

Carpanelli Motori Elettrici S.p.A. has developed, throughout the years, a long and strong experience in designing and building motors for the railway sector. This sector, in fact, presents specific needs and requirements, both electrically and mechanically, and must follow internatinal standards and norms. Our company studied and developed solutions that fulfill these needs. Concerning the electrical aspect, we produce motors with special windings specific for the railway sector, capable of resisting the high peacks, the high harmonic PWM values and also the use under inverter. We also offer solutions with resinated winding and tropicalized rotor. On the other side, concerning the mechanical aspect, our motors can resist to the high vibrations and are equipped with special highly resistant bearings. We can produce special frames, suitable for any mounting need. Lastly, we can offer you special treatments to protect the surface of the motor, such as the salt inhibitor treatment or powder coatings. So, we produce absolutly protected, safe and reliable motors. 

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