Since 1947
Design and construction
of electric motors
Special and non-standard asynchronous electric motors
the driving force, which enabled the company's growth in time, is its calling for design and construction of special electrical motors.
The Carpanelli Motori Elettrici S.p.A. invests in "research and development” to combine artisanal care with industrial development and provide customers with advanced, complete and cutting-edge solutions.
custom production
We design and implement tailor-made solutions
The Carpanelli Motori Elettrici S.p.A. is specialized in design and processing of non-standard products, tailored for the particular needs of the customer.
Partner since 1947
The Carpanelli Motori Elettrici S.p.A. was founded in 1947 by Zeno Carpanelli.

Since then, under the guidance of mature experience, all the phases necessary for design and construction of asynchronous motors have been integrated in the company.
Countless applications
Fiera SPS IPC Drives Nuremberg 2018
We will take part to the SPS IPC Drives Exhibition that will take place in Nuremberg (Germany) from the 27. to the 29. of November 2018. You will find us in hall 1, stand 635.
ALFAVERT: new motor with integrated board fitted inside the termianl box
Carpanelli Motori Elettrici S.p.A. is glad to introduce you the new ALFAVERT, a motor with an inverter board fitted inside the terminal box. This new solution revolutionises the performance of a single-phase motor, in a simple and economic way. Some of its biggest advantages are the reduced dimensions, the high efficiency, low noise and vibration levels and EMC certified integrated filters to[...]
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